• Goat milk: 500 HUF/litre
  • Special kind of cheese made of whey: 2 500 HUF/kg
  • Soft, lump cheese and matured goat cheese: 4 000 HUF/kg
  • Home made spread cream made of cottage cheese, onion, red pepper, salt, pepper
  • Farm chicken meat (ready to cook): 1 500 HUF/kg
  • Sea-buckthorn extract: 1 000 HUF/100ml (pack sizes of 200-400ml)
  • Sea-buckthorn liqueur: 1 300 HUF/100ml (pack sizes of 200-500ml)
  • Sea-buckthorn seed oil:1 500 HUF/20ml
  • Sea-buckthorn pulp and seed oil: 1 300 HUF/20 ml
  • Sea-buckthorn berry groat: 1 200 HUF/100g (for cereals or tea)

Sea-buckthorn products

Home grown and produced sea-buckthorn extract and liqueur preserved with honey and dried sea-buckthorn

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What you need to know about the sea-buckthorn?
The sea buckthorn protects and strengthens the immune system, increasing the effectiveness of the body's resistance, delaying the aging process. In case of general debilitation and after particularly infectious diseases or surgeries, sea buckthorn has a good immune system strengthening effect and will improve the general health status. The sea buckthorn’s high vitamin C content makes it ideal for the treatment of colds.

Increases your metabolism, helping you maintain optimal body weight. It has beneficial effect on gastric and duodenal ulcers, protects the liver. By its specific fatty acid composition reduces blood cholesterol levels, thus slowing the formation of arteriosclerosis processes.

It strengthens the connective tissue, thereby reducing the formation of cellulite. By epithelizing and anti-inflammatory effects, sea buckthorn helps in wound healing, the healing of skin diseases. It inhibits the formation of wrinkles and slows down hair loss. Vitamin E and essential fatty acid content, it is beneficial for dry, cracked skin, and protects against harmful UV rays.

Processed juice, liqueur, or even oil product is made of it. Its vitamin C content is outstanding, ten times higher compared to that of lemon’s. Its fruit is also used as a raw material for pharmaceuticals: poorly healing wounds and ulcers to heal.

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We offer fresh goatmilk, goatcheese in differnt kinds of flavours, fresh eggs and other products for sale.

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